How to Choose between Steel Mace Front Squat and Back Squat?

Every steel mace certification include squats as a basic foundation exercise as they are regarded to be one of the most beneficial exercises for training your lower limbs for mass, strength or tone. While there are many variations of barbarian squats, the most popular are the front squat and back squat using the traditional barbell. Over the years there has been a fair amount of debate regarding the pros and cons of each type of squat, especially as both types work out the same muscle groups.

The Back Squat vs. the Front Squat

With the loaded steel mace resting on the back of the shoulders, you should stand with your feet apart and grasp the bar with both your hands. After shifting the load into your heels, you should squat down till the thigh-tops are just below your knee-tops. Driving your heels down, you should stand upright once again after extending your legs. Throughout the movement, you should keep your back completely straight and the core braced. In the front squat, the barbell should be resting on the shoulders in the front of the neck.

Benefits of the Back Squat

The back squat being a full-body movement is regarded to be the one of the best exercises for building mass. With this movement, you get the chance to workout your abdominal muscles, quadriceps, gluteus muscles, gastrocnemius, erector spinae, hamstrings and adductor. You can perform back squats with light weights for body toning or with heavier weights for power building and building mass. Irrespective of what your fitness goal may be, back squats are regarded to be the model leg exercise.

Advantages of the Front Squat

Since front squats do not workout the gluteus muscles or the hamstrings and only focus on the quadriceps, many trainers and athletes consider them to be an auxiliary exercise. The single-biggest advantage of front squats is that the torso remains more upright and consequently places lesser stress on the lower back as the steel mace is supported before the neck. There are of course some who consider this posture to be uncomfortable to the point of being painful.

A Quick and Dirty Comparison

If you are looking to build your gluteus muscles and hamstring that provide the power for jumping and sprinting back squats have the advantage, however front squats work better for athletes who need to work with their hands in overhead positions as shoulders tend to get over-extended. Strength gain is better achieved by back squats as you are able to lift heavier weights with the support provided by your shoulders. As far as knee health is concerned, it is a tie between both the squats

A Balanced Mix Is the Best

Squats are inescapable part of exercise regimens specified by steel mace certification that are focussed on building muscle and strength. To avoid stressing out the same sets of muscles or joints, it is recommended that you combine both front squats and back squats so as to maintain a balance. Professional fitness trainer Facebook Page advice that lifters establish their form before increasing he barbell weight when doing front squats as these are more difficult to master and then progress to perform both front and back squats.

Personal training GOLD COAST for Quicker Fitness

If you are serious about getting really fit fast without having to spend too much money, then your best option is to join personal training GOLD COAST. The training regime is probably the quickest way to improve your fitness.

The very name implies an army schedule, and it does follow a similar regimen in training that is on the lines run by the military. Not only are the personnel involved in the training ex-military or ex-service men, they have in addition been picked for their skill and ability to train people in fitness, and they have the knowledge of how to go about it.

personal trainer gold coast

If you are in the city, it’s ideal to join a GOLD COAST personal training program, for the simple reason it will be more convenient for you to attend. Run in central areas, they decide the meeting places for the trainees to meet up. After the assembly, the exercise could probably start with a warm up run, and getting over to a convenient central place already chosen from where the exercises can be done.

The advantage of joining this kind of program is that the cost is very much lower than going to a gymnasium or hiring a personal trainer. Normally the costs at such camps are about a third of what it might cost if you are using a personal trainer. In a GOLD COAST personal training workout, as you will be exercising in a group, you will also meet up and make new friends.

Any form of group exercising also has certain advantages. For this reason, you will find that you are more motivated to do things, by seeing others perform. Also, you receive tips and guidance not only from your trainer but also from other trainees in your group. All the camaraderie builds up, you will see how others also play a part in you actually beginning to enjoy the routine.

The primary benefit of joining a GOLD COAST personal training program unlike other camps is that there is a good chance that you will be able to find a camp close to where you live or work. This would mean that you don’t need to go away from where you live to attend the camp. The very fact that the camp is easy to attend because of the proximity, ensures that you are regular with attendance. This will help you get fitter and look better.

Fitness Tips from Boot Camp Gold Coast

How to Fit Exercise in your Busy Work Schedule

All of us lead a busy life, with hardly any time for ourselves. Ideally, you could try joining a Gold Coast Boot Camp to meet your fitness requirements. Bootcamps in Burleigh Heads will make sure that you get the needed exercise and also have fun. Bootcamps in Burleigh Heads are modeled like Boot Camp Gold Coast and provide an equally professional experience. Yet, if you still feel that you have no time for a bootcamp workout, here are tips for you to fit fitness exercise in your busy schedule.

Boot Camp Gold Coast
You could add little bits of exercise here and there for a full day comprehensive workout. You could stretch at your desk, this will also help relieve muscle tension. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator. Tending to the garden, playing with the goods are also some great workout methods. You could also try skipping or yoga before or after work to help you be relaxed. You could go for the weekly hike with friends and family. You could walk to the grocer’s and walk back with all the weighty groceries for some old fashioned resistance training. The goal is basically this: to move much more than you ever did before.

Lastly, food is very important in order to show the benefits of these little exercises. The trainers at bootcamp in Burleigh Heads will make sure that you are eating right. Drink more water and have fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Cut down on red meat and have lean and white meat. You could have egg whites and pulses as they are a great source of protein and help you feel full.


Why a Boot Camp is Ideal for Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Body Transformation Boot camps are inspired from American Army new recruit training program where the focus is on building strength and stamina and losing unwanted calories at a super fast rate. There is a unique combination of strong muscle building vigorous physical activity that leaves the participants invigorated. Boot camp is designed scientifically by health experts from and top physical trainers who know which kind of exercise routine will burn maximum number of calories.

eight Loss Body Transformation Boot camps typically consist of vigorous aerobic exercises which spike up the heat beat and the basal metabolic rate. Because of the heavy utilisation of oxygen by the aerobic exercises the body requires more oxygen which makes the participant breathe faster.

The basal metabolic rate is the rate by which the body breaks down and processes food to release energy in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate. A high basal metabolic rate results in high calorie burnout and the body doesn’t retain the extra calories in the form of ungainly tires and extra bulges.

Body Transformation Weight Loss

The basal metabolic rate slows down with age, inactivity and other psychological factors. The best way to increase BMR is by engaging in intense exercise. Scientific research has proved that intense and short bouts of vigorous activity (just as found in boot camps) work better in terms of burning calories than a steady stream of moderate exercise.

Weight Loss Body Transformation Bootcamps work on the principle of army training which has vigorous varied exercises interspersed with short breaks of rest. This helps the participants in burning calories faster than any other kind of activity like yoga, aerobics, speed jogging etc. The unique combination of exercises help in burning fat, increasing lean muscle mass, maintaining a healthy physique and keeping the mind alert.


What to Know Before You Choose PT Certifications courses

If you would like to take up employment in a gym as a personal trainer, you will need certification from at least one such training course. However, there are some basic facts you need to take into consideration when choosing a training course.

Expense involved

Many PT Certifications courses have heavy enrolment fees. In some instances there are government sponsored aids and some courses offer special course payment plans. So before you enrol in a particular course, you should check out the fee structure to see if it fits within your budget.

How a training school helps

When you join a personal training certification course you will be taught how to train people in different age groups, in various stages of health, and often with complex personalities. Knowledge of nutrition plans and the science of exercise are also part of the curriculum. You will find some information on PT Certifications Twitter page  and more detailed information on the training is given below:

  • You will learn to create work-out programmes for the clients.
  • Details about the muscles and bones in the human body.
  • Special training involved when dealing with people suffering from osteoporosis, injuries, cancers, asthma, and any type of eating disorders.
  • Accurately evaluate a client’s form and suggest appropriate training.
  • Motivate clients.
  • Discuss fitness goals with the client.
  • Obtain CPR certification.
  • Hands-on experience working with fellow trainees.
  • During the alumni stage have access to information on acquiring references and building your client base.

Flexible training schedules

Because many people looking at becoming fitness trainers through personal trainer courses in malta could have other regular work schedules, training schools offer flexible schedules for training. Such part-time training results in full graduation taking place in a period of about one year. If the classes are attended by a lesser number of trainees resulting in more attention for each student, graduation could take place sooner.

How practical experience helps

During the sessions held in personal training certification courses you will undergo a variety of scenarios and given guidance on how to tackle each one. Such training will give you an insight of how to tackle actual clients when you finally graduate. Fitness training can prove a demanding and often exhausting experience for the client, and your ability to help and motivate them during such times, is important.

Other areas covered

Other areas covered by personal training certification courses are knowledge of where to purchase specialised training equipment and athletic clothing. How you should manage insurance and any legal issues.  Access to specially organized job fairs which could result in valuable networking and job openings. You will also receive a continuous stream of news on fitness training and other related information.


So if fitness training is your career choice, keep in mind the above points. Also remember that while you may enjoy your doing own exercise routines, training another person involves a different approach. Joining the right training course will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to become a good fitness trainer.

Ways to Increase Muscles Quickly

Weight training is the most effective way for increasing muscles quickly. The usage of equipments that can create variable resistance to the body is the best method for weight training. Free weights, dumbbells and machines are some of the weight training equipments that can provide variable resistance to the body. You will be able to do exercise like pull ups and dips using cables and pulleys using weight training machines. Several things have to be taken care of for gaining muscles quickly.

The training routine implemented using heavy weights are one thing that has to be given primary importance. The weight you are using must be appropriate to your physical condition. You will be able to do only 4 to 8 reps normally using proper weights. The body muscles and nervous system will be put under more stress using heavier weights and less number of reps. This will naturally help to stimulate the muscle fibers. You in rapidly increase your muscle growth.

Your workouts must be designed in such a manner that more free weights are used during a session. You must use free weights to give intensity to specific muscle groups. You should include only lesser number of machines and bodyweight exercise in your sessions. You need not avoid machines and bodyweight exercise but should give more focus to exercises using free weights.

Rest is another important factor in muscle building. The muscle building process actually takes place when you are resting. You will not be able to grow the muscles if you are not taking proper rest. The muscles are not grown when you are working in the gym but during rest. The diet adjustment cannot replace proper rest. The ore you train harder in the gym the more time must be spend for resting. Eating enough calories, training hard and then resting is the secret behind successful muscle gain.