Why a Boot Camp is Ideal for Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Body Transformation Boot camps are inspired from American Army new recruit training program where the focus is on building strength and stamina and losing unwanted calories at a super fast rate. There is a unique combination of strong muscle building vigorous physical activity that leaves the participants invigorated. Boot camp is designed scientifically by health experts from weightlossbodytransformation.com and top physical trainers who know which kind of exercise routine will burn maximum number of calories.

eight Loss Body Transformation Boot camps typically consist of vigorous aerobic exercises which spike up the heat beat and the basal metabolic rate. Because of the heavy utilisation of oxygen by the aerobic exercises the body requires more oxygen which makes the participant breathe faster.

The basal metabolic rate is the rate by which the body breaks down and processes food to release energy in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate. A high basal metabolic rate results in high calorie burnout and the body doesn’t retain the extra calories in the form of ungainly tires and extra bulges.

Body Transformation Weight Loss

The basal metabolic rate slows down with age, inactivity and other psychological factors. The best way to increase BMR is by engaging in intense exercise. Scientific research has proved that intense and short bouts of vigorous activity (just as found in boot camps) work better in terms of burning calories than a steady stream of moderate exercise.

Weight Loss Body Transformation Bootcamps work on the principle of army training which has vigorous varied exercises interspersed with short breaks of rest. This helps the participants in burning calories faster than any other kind of activity like yoga, aerobics, speed jogging etc. The unique combination of exercises help in burning fat, increasing lean muscle mass, maintaining a healthy physique and keeping the mind alert.